Saturday, May 16, 2015

Memories for my Children

The project I did for the May theme of Mother / Father in the Stories of Me Group on The Pocket Source website. If your looking for some inspiration to tell your stories come on over and join the Group!
There are so many stories that I want to tell about my Parents and I and about being a Mother, so I had a really hard time choosing which story to do first. On the bright side, I did write all of the story ideas that came to me in my planner. I have a section in my planner titled Stories and as I have thoughts here and there about something in the past then I write down all of those thoughts so that I remember them for when I am able to make time to create the layouts!
As I was going thru my photo boxes and I came across these photos, I knew that I wanted to tell the stories about how I felt about each of my Children at these particular times in our lives. Looking at the photos just brought back so many memories of these individual days, and to the point that I kept getting teary eyed so I knew these were the stories to tell.…

I am working in an 8.5x11 book and this page is 6x8 and I used it as an insert. Everything used but the number stickers are from the My Story kit that was offered as give-aways when the group opened. The kit just happened to work out perfect for my project.

This page is 8.5x11 and has 2 mini envelopes with their initials on them and I wrote them each a note telling them how I felt about them on these days. My Children are adults and very rarely go thru my scrapbooks so these notes will be something for them to have later in life when my books are passed along to them. The black and white cards were items that I used from my stash.

Monday, May 4, 2015

My Creative Side

My page is based on the #hashtagthisweek prompt of "My Creative Side" from Mandys blog. My page is 6x8 and is in my Project Life Planner. National Scrapbooking Day was this past Saturday on the 2nd so I sat down Friday night and made a list of the projects that I had pictures printed for so that I would be a little more organized to get some Scrapbooking done on Saturday.
I really do love this hobby so much with all the memories and stories captured on my pages!
The pocket cards I used are a digital set called Artsy Girl from Artful Leigh Creative.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Project Life Recipe Binder

I seen this recipe posted to my friend Veronica T Facebook page and really wanted to try it. I love stuffed peppers but Steve doesnt like them at all. So glad he was willing to try it because it was VERY good!

I used the new Lets Eat kit by Little Lamm & CO on the left hand side of the page. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

These Hands

Another page for the #hashtagthisweek project from Mandy at Record Life Blog and the prompt was "These Hands". This prompt was from March 15th so I got mine done really late, but I have been wanting to get this story told so this prompt helped me to get it done. It is an 8.5x11 digital page and all items used are from Ali Edwards "Magic" Story kit which was the March/April class.
A new prompt is put out every Sunday but dont let being busy stop you from getting your stories told. So far every week, these have been great prompts to use as story starters and you can link up on Mandys blog and Instagram anytime!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

In My Bag

The #hashtagthisweek prompt from Mandy at Record Life Blog is whats "In My Bag". I keep my purse cleaned out on a regular basis but I did just get this purse a couple of weeks ago so there was no junk in it. The days and weeks are getting so busy with yard work season here and both Grandsons playing baseball for separate travel leagues, that I did my page digitally again. Once I have it printed out, I will decide if I will do anything else to it that would then turn it into a Hybrid page. I ordered this purse on line so I was able to include my receipt, which was nice.
For alot of these prompts Digital Design Essentials provides free downloads and this weekend she had all of her journal card sets on sale for $1.00, so it was a great time to shop her store and give her some support back. The pocket cards I used are from her Memorandum II set and all of the elements that I used are from her Oh Happy Day kit and Because Im Happy Sampler both from 2014 and I cant find either one on her site any more.
In March of 2014, I also did a page on what was in my bag for a challenge in a Facebook Group so I did my current page the same size of 8.5x11 so that I can have them in my album next to each other. Several years from now it will be fun to look and back see if what I carry changes over the years. This is the layout from 2014. This page is a traditional layout and I also had the receipt for this purse! I was actually suprised to see how much of what I carry was the same!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sweet Dreams

I love taking naps on the weekends so the #hashtagthisweek prompt of "Sweet Dreams" was perfect to play along with. Sassy likes to take naps as well so we make great nap partners for each other! My page is 6x8 and will be used for week 14 in my Life Documented planner.
I decided to do my page in digital format this time as I was out of ink and didnt want to take the time to run and pick up pictures. I used a template from this kit by Little Lamm & Co
The Pocket cards and elements were a freebie offered by Digital Design Essentials for the prompt

Monday, March 30, 2015

To Do list promt

My days are filled with "To do" lists in my planner. When I seen the new #hashtagthisweek prompt I wanted to create a list that did not have any dates associated with it for the tasks to be completed, and instead just wanted a list to keep in front of me as reminder.
The Emoticons are from the So Emotional stamp by The Studio 29 Designs.

The journal cards were a freebie provided by Amie from Little Lamm Co.